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Invest to Win Structured Racing Investments
Invest to Win A Proven Investment Strategy
for Thoroughbred racing treating
punting as a structured business.
Not a gamble.
An in-depth study on horse racing as an investment medium, detailing the strategy for success. Encourages serious investors to look closely at horse racing as an alternative to traditional investment avenues. Shows how to minimize the risks associated with Punting in order to successfully run it as a business operation.
This book does not apply the popular rating methods used by many punters to place a horse in best final market order, but introduces a concept to change your way of thinking and increase one's net profit on turnover. It is a unique and different approach to selection methods.
Invest to Win shows that by weighing the many factors that disadvantage a horse, then grading the severity of the problem by assigning a defined classification level, which will place the horse in one of 13 categories. This allows horses, which would be perceived to have little chance of winning, to rise in the final classification order and be on top, due to others having more serious problems.
Make no mistake this is NOT a get rich quick programme.
This is a business that requires commitment like any investment.